Scratcy Vinyl

with Tim


Saturday, June 9, 2007
14:00 to 16:00
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airspace makerpocket symphonyasterlwerk*
bitter bitter weeksonce and for allpeace is burnng like a riverhigh two*
arcade fireblack mirrorneon biblemerge*
battlesrace inmirroredwarp*
creeping weedspart of a dreamwe are all part of a dream you are*
illinoisalone againwhat the hell do i knowace fu*
silkwormwrote a song for everyonechokes12xu*
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human televisionim moving onlook at who youre talking togiantic music
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robert shaw and the clevelamd orch.hallelujah chouruschours of 200 voicesrca victor
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the high llamasglide time/sparkle upretrospectivealpaca?
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audiophylefvredd biardscogww.audiophyle.netrecorded in WILLOW GROVE !!!HIPSTER PSYCHEDELIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!*