the all-ages show

with Pat

Not just for grown-ups

Saturday, May 8, 2004
17:00 to 19:00
not just for grownups

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Lollipop Kids What I Like Lollipop Rock s/r
Lou Del Bianco Mother is You When I Was a Kid s/r
Steve Courtney That Wonderful Lady Love Bug s/r
Joe Thompson Mamma Don't Take My Toys Away Oasis Acoustic Vol. 1 Oasis
Barry Louis Polisar Mom said "No," I Said "Why?" Family Trip Rainbow Morning Music
Maureen Carr If Mommy Would Only Let Me Alukaleigh Lutz s/r
Phil Rosenthal Momma Don't Allow Folksongs and Bluegrass for Children Rounder Kids
Cathy and Marcy Orange Cocao Cake A Parents' Home Companion Rounder
The Moms Station Wagon Blues Out of the Kitchen S/r
Graham and Cinnamon Mama's Got a Brand New Car GRaham and Cinnamon s/r
Tom Chapin Yo Yo's Ma Making Good Noise Gadfly Records
Susan Salidor Mommy Rap Little Voices in My Head s/r
Paddytimes The Day Drofus the Dragon Lost His Head read on air n/a
Hopewell Valley Children's Theater Songs from West Side Story and Mary Poppins live on air n/a
Al Simmons Don't Make Me Sing Along Singalong Songs St. Claire Entertainment C
Kidsinger I Like Singing Love in That House s/r
Rick Scott I Don't Wanna Sing Philaharmonic Fool Grand Poobah
Eyeball Skeleton Smokey Turlte The Smokey Turtle s/r R
Billy Jonas Nine Foot Dragon and a Four-foot Boy What Kind of Cat Are You? s/r
Mr. Whiskers The Green-Eyed Dragon I'm Hans Christian Anderson Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Keith Munslow Dragon Breath Can't Sit Still Needlenose Music
Jennie Avila Tofu Song Child of My Child s/r