Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
the karl hendricks trio i'm not crying, karl the world says surplus anxiety new KHT. good stuff. *
silkworm bar ice chokes 12xu *
live skull machete dusted homestead
the smiths rubber ring louder than bombs sire
human television untitled look at who you're talking to gigantic music from philly
lucky dragons dissolve yourself widows marriage also from philly. *
love bummer in the summer forever changes elektra
the left banke she may call you up tonight walk away renee
my dad is dead baby's got a problem let's skip the details homestead
ted leo & the pharmacists army bound living with the living touch and go *
let's active every word means no afoot i.r.s nice!
the leopards harlean's house magic still exists voxx 1987. close your eyes and it's this dream pop that the kids are all crazy for these days
elk city cherries in the snow new believers friendly fire *
the peddlers on a clear day joe's record paradise C
meneguar the temp i was born at night troubleman unlimited *
the replacements kids don't follow stink twintone
debris one way spit static disposal anophiles the best intro to any song is counting off and barfing at the same time.
the victims television addict murder punk vol.1 "just because i watch dinah shore, doesn't mean that i need a face lift" C
the lewd public execution lewd conduct in a public place vampir / subteranean
lubricated goat nerve quake the devil's music black eye/ am rep
the fall reformation reformation post t.l.c. narnack *
selda yaylalar selda! finders keepers *
the lyres feel good about yourself a promise is a promise ace of hearts
little killers butterfingers s/t crypt
lipstick killers hindu gods of love mesmerizer citadel even MORE aussie punk rock today. jeeeeeeeeeez
life sentence figured it out life sentence walk thru fyre hahah wow
legal weapon future heat death of innocence arsenal
lid empty 12'