Thursday, May 6, 2004
13:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
various composers (early music institute) all tracks eventually french music for hurdy-gurdy focus today's background music C
Red Red Meat Sister Flossy st Perishable debut from '93
dustdevils feet head high struggling electric & chemical matador / teenbeat (mine)
chromatics monarch plaster hounds gsl *
elevator to hell let yourself glide and emptily die st subpop side project of one of the guys from eric's trip
mirah you've gone away enough c'mon miracle k she's slipped alot since 99, still... *
landing to see you passages through k
head of david great rift faultline dustbowl dutch east
sneakers be my ambulance homework #101 hyped2death C
charming snakes take me away 7" ? *
tom glazer & dottie evans kinetic and potential energy energy & motion songs motivation records from the singing science series (mine c/o the wfmu record fair)
holy modal rounders bird song bird song (live 1971) water why am I the only person I know who genuinely likes the rounders? *
the bustghosters our doom to bloom / in a disused graveyard 7 good goodbye *
edsel thinner than thin extended play dischord
reifenstahl space invaders die wunderwaffe ink german no wave, oh hells yeah (mine)
autechre P:NTIL draft 7.30 warp
marc anthony thompson candy watts & paris REPRISE
Coachwhips Ho She split 7" w/ Trin Tran Show & Tell *
nomads where the wolfbane blooms outburst what goes on goddamn swedish motherfuckers
peelander-z pun! pun! punkrock! p-bone steak swell goddamn japanese motherfuckers *
Japanther critical circles split 7" w/ Panthers vice *
black heart procession & solbakken nervous persian in the fishtank (#11) konkurrent all hail the fishtank series *
chug & doug when ringo comes to town better than the beatles: 26 tunes that failed to oust the fab-four from the charts knight (mine, not the shaggs tribute album) C
Miss Mary My Friend split 7" w/the A-Lines Waxfruit *
Arthur Russell the platform on the ocean Calling Out of Context audika *
ninian hawick kentigern inquiry steep steps grimsey
ignition one sided the orafying mysticile of dischord
gargoyle sox as the master sleeps headless horseman manster
old time relijun tigers in the temple lost light k *
gang of four I love a man in uniform songs of the free WB
the gossip don't make waves dead in nyc dim mak
hella Stephen Hawking Has a Posse split 7" w/ Fourtet ache *
erasure blues away I say I say I say Elektra yeah, I'm not kidding
gastr del sol a watery kentucky serpentine similar teenbeat
les savy fav reformat the cat & the cobra Frenchkiss R
orange juice blue boy the heather's on fire postcard recordings of scotland
thinking fellers union local 282 if I were a shoe wormed by leonard thwart productions
lilys claire hates me in the presence of nothing spinArt R
the lewd m-17 lewd conduct in a public place vampir