Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
jarvis cocker fat children jarvis rough trade *
yoko ono w/ blow up everyman everywoman yes, i'm a witch astralwerks one of the best tracks from the new album! *
silver daggers joy new high + ord load *
bells bells bells family tree s/t s/r *
black mountain voices slaying since 1996 suicide squeeze * C
the submarines agents of the corps spam esopus magazine songs inspired by junk mail subjects, pharmaceutical come-ons, ink cartridge sales, etc. * C
the hollies on a carousel greatest hits
son volt route / drown trace wow 1995 sounded pretty good
the edgar broughton band the birth s/t
pavement stereo stereo single matador
carla alexander sambamuffin sambamuffin april records carla will be on pat'o 's show this saturday...keep an ear out!
stereototal in/out 7' bobsled
ESG erase you ESG j.c. penny's boots! (best line of indignation ever)
the peechees mad doctor do the math kill rock stars
the no-talents i wanna destroy that boy want some more estrus R
the avengers the american in me the american in me dbk works
the ramones pet sematary anthology rhino there is no excuse for this song. it has been logded in my brain for over a week. i had to get it out
the embarassment drive me to the park heyday 1979-1983 bar none
naked raygun home raygun, naked raygun c aroline
the bangs train wreck sweet revenge kill rock stars
mark sultan something wrong the sultanic verses in the red new solo from dude from king kahn & bbq show *
appalachian death ride wintersong ADR/geraldine split 7' anyway
fugazi merchandise repeater dischord R
the damned dr. jekyll & mr.hyde the black album chiswick
no trend without me tritonian nash vegas polyester complex touch n go
jawbox savory jawbox/edsel split 7' de soto
the seconds mommy mommy mommy / better suit ex-models / the seconds split cd my pal god
the aisler's set attraction action reaction how i learned to write backwards suicide squeeze