Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
the soft machine slightly all the time grides cuneiform
lame drivers memorial day the captain amazing e.p., 75 or less records awesome! *
the promise ring best looking boys girls + boys e.p. jade tree oh man. the original request was for red & blue jeans which i would have played... but couldn't find it. this is just a shade too much R
alela diane the rifle the pirate's gospel holoscene music heard this a couple months ago and was eagerly awaiting the release of this!! real nice! *
yoko ono w/ jason pierce of spiritualized walking on thin ice yes, i'm a witch astralwerks new album of collaborations. you know how much i love this. *
lungs of a giant polluted man headfirst handshakes s/r *
american sneakers finito darts & daggers s/r jason from plastic little . steven ward james from awesometown. *
tralala mystery is that the tralala wipers cover? *
cold cold hearts maybe scabies s/t kill rock stars
les savy fav we'll make a lover of you slaying since 1996 suicide squeeze * C
animal collective grass grass (single) fat cat i know people play this song a lot, but i'm finally coming around to it.
king missile jesus was way cool (live version) my heart is a flower e.p. atlantic
bubble/gum flying a plane 7' s/r from red bank
the bell rays making up for lost time the red, white and the black alternative tentacles
the gits ain't got no right kings & queens broken rekkids
c average orcs vs. elves c average kill rock stars
sea monkeys how to have a good time d.u.m.b. rock celluloid C
oswald five-o eraser '95 nothing to prove jealous butcher *
sexual milkshake ghost god new dominion turn of the century C
inspiral carpets she comes in the fall life elektra
the smiths you've got everything now the smiths sire
the dentists writhing on the shagpile dressed homestead
mission of burma that's how i escaped my certain fate vs R
folk implosion waltzin with your ego take a look insiade
the cows tropic of cancelled whorn amphetamine reptile
fugazi dear justice letter steady diet of nothing dischord
rorschach 21st century schizoid man autopsy gern blanssten so sick.
selda meydan sizindir selda finders keepers *
stimulators loud fast rules back to front vol.1 incognito records C