Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
josef k sorry for laughing entomology domino *
standing nudes when i arrive 7' true panther great single!
the pop group beyond good and evil kiss the future soul jazz western values mean nothing to her
? ? ? ? you guess is as good as mine. french ladygal. hmm?
thee headcoatees caralin punk girls sympathy for the record industry
direct from hollywood cemetery snake six feet under the mason dixon line go ape believe it or not, former members of the young pioneers and tralala *
the monks shut up black monk time international
the bad news bats don't run with pizzas s/t hot dog city stupid song title, killer song. from philadelphia *
45 grave evil sleep in safety enigma snarly!
the bell rays everyday i think of you have a little faith cheap lullaby/vital gesture *
the sonics goin' back to granny's busy body:live in tacoma 1964 norton *
captain beefheart zig zag wanderer safe as milk castle
killing joke tension what's this for?? malicious damage
jawbreaker ashtray monument 24 hour revenge therapy communion R
lifetime hey catrine jersey's best dancers jade tree
slapshot i've had enough step on it taang! way to go boston
minor threat seein' red s/t dischord
stnnng (track 5) fake fake modern radio *
clockcleaner early man frogrammer richie records *
7 seconds walk together rock together walk together rock together positive force
lemonheads hate your friends hate your friends taang!
beat happening i let him get to me s/t k
schlong hanging on the telephone the essential schlong you don't want to see the pictures that came up when i stupidly typed into google "the essential schlong". take my word for it. it has a yellow and black cover.
flipper life is cheap generic flipper
beefeater just things house burning down dischord
the flatmates happy all the time 12' the subway organization
thousand yard stare buttermouth keepsake e.p. stifled aadvark i totally thought these were outhouses when i first looked at it.
band 19 your eyes dictate modern method sorry. no image for this one. it was pretty boring anyway.
the hair & skin trading co. ground zero ground zero situation two
big black pigeon kill the hammer party homestead
agent orange bloodstains living in darkness posh boy
the homostupids apeshit the intern LP parts unknown *
times new viking imagine dead john lennon present the paisley reich siltbreeze *
radon write back or get smacked metric buttloads of rock no idea *