Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
the byrds mr. spaceman the fiftth dimension columbia (preceeded by interview with david crosby talking about alien abduction. who gave this man a microphone?)
hawkwind sonic attack / time we left today space ritual metal, not organic limbs should be used when at all possible
selda anayasso selda finders keepers i totally love this cd and will play it every week. it rules. *
moog cookbook ain't talkin' 'bout love . yes, the van halen song.
the walkmen all my life pussy cats record collection *
holly golightly i can't be trusted singles round up damaged goods
mountain high life coach s/t hot dog city KILLER! *
der teenage panzer corps theme control harmful emotions siltbreeze yes *
garden variety stickler knocking the skill level cargo
the television personalities you kept me waiting to long long long long.... my dark places remixes domino remixed by e*vax ratatat remix) *
the snow fairies oh ho, the hands! viola also available as a free download on thier websire *
loudon wainwright airplane blues . . amazing
silkworm low blow chokes 12xu holy cow again. this cd is so good it's sad. *
the jesus lizard lady shoes goat touch n go R
iron maiden running free single
black elk toss you to the wolves black elk crucial blast *
the donnas you make me hot american teenage rock n roll machine lookout
polvo can i ride cor-cane secret merge R
cringer ballad of a handgun greatest hits vol.1 vinyl communications who requests cringer? i love the listening audience of WPRB. seriously. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??? R
his hero is gone monuments to thieves monuments to thieves prank
dog faced hermans punjabi monster beat / fortune mental blocks for all ages project a bomb records
essential logic music is a better noise fanfare in the garden kill rock stars
the fifth column she said "boom" all time queen of the world super awesome queer core!
eric's trip dreaming long days ride 'till tomorrow sub pop / sappy records
guided by voices peephole bee thousand scat
entrance tommy thanks's summertime blues the kingdom of heaven must be taken by storm tigerstyle
nikki sudden don't break my soul the truth doesn't matter secretely canadian *
black flag revenge the 1st four years sst R
gem your heroes hate you hexed restless
geezer lake james deam hearts won't try this dtox
gem your heroes hate you hexed restless
geezer lake james deam hearts won't try this dtox