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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Scritti Politti Messthetics Early Rough Trade
The Red Krayola An Old Man's Dream Singles 1968-2002 Drag City Mayo Thompson came to the International House in Philly last year to put on an amazing show of songs from current Red Krayola, and much older songs from the band's past.
David E. Sugar Radioactivity 8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk Performed on 8-Bit Video Game Systems Astralwerks see also Welle:Erdball, who compose and perform soley on Commodore-64s *
Gogogo Airheart Rats Rats Sing Sing Drag City
James Brown Cold Sweat Get on the Good Foot Polygram
Cheer-Accident Repossession Variations On A Goddamn Old Man
Chemicals Made From Dirt Protein Pants Ike Hyped2Death
Mina E' Inutile E' L'uomo Per Me the much eyeliner'd singer of the 50s/60s/70s - present who supposedly appeared in the "Scarface" soundtrack, though she's not on the official release. R
The Gizmos Johnny's Got A Gun Rock & Roll Don't Come From New York Gulcher it's from Bloomington, Indiana
Lou Reed & John Cale Smalltown Songs For Drella
They Might Be Giants Fingertips Apollo 18 Elektra
The Residents Fingertips The Commercial Album Ralph
The Fall The Steak Place The Frenz Experiment Beggars UK this one's for Greg Lyon ("The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" fame,) who know resides sonewhere in Scandinavia last I heard. I can't play The Fall or The Residents without thinking of that show.
The O'Jays Branded Bad In Philadelphia Sony
Animals And Men Dreaming Of Babylon Revel In The Static Hyped2Death
Queen Flick Of The Wrist Sheer Heart Attack Hollywood Records
Pierro Piccioni Colpo Rovente (Easy Dreamer) Beat At Cinecitta- Italian Film Score Anthology: Volume 2 Crippled Dick Hot Wax (1970) C
Ennio Morricone with Christie Deep Down Danger: Diabolik
(Sir) Dirk Bogarde You Must Remember This Lyrics for Lovers The Night Porter serenades you with mellifluous vocals and charm.
The Who Slip Kid Who By Numbers
Rear Admiral Byrd, III Opus Rear Admiral Byrd, III from a Pig Iron Theatre Company's 2006 cabaret/telethon from the center of the Hollow Earth, with music by Brad Trojan, James Sugg, and more
Tones on Tail Slender Fungus Everything! Beggars UK
Slapp Happy Half-Way There Acnalbasac Noom RER originally "Casablanca Moon"
John Lennon Isolation The Definitive Legend
Nina Simone The Assignment Sequence The Tomato Collection
Catherine Howe On a Misty Morning What a Beautiful Place Numero Group Reissue from the 1971 album by this Canadian ex-pat living in England *
Scott Walker Darkness Plague Songs 4AD Based on the 10 plagues of Exodus. This is the soundtrack to a reenactment of the Israelites flight from Egypt, filmed ni England in '06. *
Pauline Oliveros Lion's Tale for Sampler Lion's Eye / Lion's Tale Deep Listening Publications Pauline is in Philadelphia right now, preparing for "Sound Exchange," April 20-22nd at the Annenberg Studio Theatre on UPenn's campus. April 20th, 8pm- Pauline and her band, April 21st, 6pm "Deep Listening Workshop," and April 22nd, 4pm- "Sound Exchange" with Philly composers and improv musicians *
East West Blast Test Unfantastic Voyage Popular Music for Unpopular People Ipecac
Arcade Fire Black Mirror Black Mirror Single Merge *
Golden Ball Signature Abstract The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn Honeymoon Music Playing at the POPPED FEST in a South Philly funeral home. P.S., this album is truly quite excellent. *
Bad News Bats Don't Run with Pizzas Bad News Bats Badmaster oh, lookie, yet another Philly band you can see in the POPPED FEST!! *
SPARKS! (Baby Baby) Can I Invade Your Country Dick Around EP In the Red This EP is banned by the BBC. "I'm waiting for move-'em-out!" *
HIDDEN CAMERAS! Death of a Tune Death of a Tune / Reaper In Mind 7" Arts & Crafts D-A-N-C-E ! Pure unbridled gorgeousness!!!!!!
The Blow Parentheses Paper Television K Khaela likes to dance! (and tell lots of stories to you) * R
Hidden Cost Bo Did It MuthaFunkinSonOfaBitch: The Truth Behind the Philly Legend Funkadelphia Thanks to Dave of Funkadelphia for compiling and sending us these great comps! *
Antibalas Beaten Metal Security Anti recorded by John McEntire (Tortoise.) Their Anti- debut. *
Gang Earthquake It Live On WPRB WPRB on John Solomon's show 3/20/07 R

P.S.: R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut, and R.I.P. Rick D. of the Tritone in Philadelphia. I conversed with Rick at a few events I DJed at the Tritone as well as at shows over the years, and can say he was a great guy who booked a real diversity of musical styles unusual to most bar venues in the city. I've seen great punk shows there, just as I've seen James Blood Ulmer and Big Tree on the Tritone's stage. I can say the man will be sorely missed by Philadelphians, and I hope his bar remains an institution in the Philly music scene and lives on in his honor.
Brazilian Girls Last Call Last Call (Remixes) Verve Forecast * R