Backwood Robotics

with Zoe & Whit

Friday, March 23, 2007
15:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
flaming lips one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 yoshimi battles the pink robots wb opener
mum now there is that fear again the peel session fat cat iceland *
casper & the cookies krotenwanderung the optimist's club happy happy birthday to me *
jeffrey and jack lewis posters city and eastern songs Rough Trade *
if you rescue me science of sleep soundtrack astralwerks great film
+/- Let's Build A Fire Let's Build A Fire Absolutely Kosher *
trapdoor fucking exit everything is winding down be not content no idea sweden
Gang Dance This Mess Around live @ wprb jon solomon they were here!
shonen knife a boogie monster heavy songs confidential recordings japan (not scandanavia)
sigur ros olsen olsen agaetis byrjun fatcat iceland R
of montreal suffer for fashion Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer Polydor *
madrugada come on home to me total lee astralweks cover of lee hazlewood R
the dolly rocker movement walk in the light electric sunshine off the hip
phil ochs draft dodger rag i ain't marchin any more carthage records sweet
lumberob honey i sure miss you i killed the monster second shimmy cover of daniel johnston * C
the birds say those magic words Nuggets: Original Artifacts from the British Empire rhino C
deerhunter spring hall convert cryptograms Kranky *
the swimmers heaven/ dead end street live @ wprb jon solomon
euros childs hi mewn socasau chops Wichita welsh *
sahara hotnights oh darling! c'mon let's pretend jets sweden
bad news bats chronic dexterousness bad news bats Badmaster *
les georges leningrad eli eli lamma sabachtani sangue puro tomlab *
turid stjarnor och anglar i retur Silence sweden
wilco Side with the Seed Sky Blue Sky Nonesuch not released yet!! *