Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
jack ross mumbles las vegas grind vol.4 strip C
sonic youth three part sectional love seat the destroyed room geffen *
pinback concrete seconds (demo) nautical antiques ace fu rarieties from 1998-2001 *
golden ball oxen free the antique barking swirls of dawn honeymoon music nice ice cream sample *
thee katatonix ordinary sunday 8 essential attitudes frantic god, how i've been trying to find this in the stacks. yes! C
smoking popes need you around 7' capitol this was their single from 1995 which means it's the one that was 120 minutes and i don't care. i still love this song.
trained attack dogs wish i owned a gun 7' rave records from philly circa 1988
the wiretaps romulan invasion 7' anyway funniest song from 1998
bad news bats don't run with pizzas bad news bats hot dog city from philly now. and they rule *
swan lake nubile days beast moans jagjaguwar *
glomag pocket calculator 8bit operators astralwerks * C
the blow fists up paper television k *
discount disappointed all to often 7' mighty idy
love is all motorboat busy doing nothing e.p. what's your rupture kim fowley cover *
judge forget this time there will be quiet after the storm revelation revelation:20 . and believe it or not. two people requested judge. R
shelter civilizied man message of the bhagavat supersoul oh man. wow this didn't age as well as it did in my memory C
egg hunt we all fall down 20 years of dischord dischord\ C
seein' red bigot give me back ebullition C
spitboy seriously give me back ebullition C
tiger trap hiding international hip swing k C
the frumpies wrong way round eunuch nights 7' kill rock stars
peechees geniune article / tea biscuit to show scented gum 7' lookout
j church financial zone she never leaves the neighborhood 7' dead beat
les georges leningrad sangue puro sangue puro tomlab *
old lady drivers colostomy grab bag grind crusher ear ache a caller requested sheer terror. instead i found this. C
dead moon clouds of dawn stranded in the mystery zone tombstone
mono men the witch here ain't the sonics pop llama /estrus C
the dirtbombs shake shivaree horndog fest in the red
the saints i'm misunderstood eternally yours sire
dead kennedys trust your mechanic plastic surgery disasters alternative tentacles supreme editing on my part. yes
masters of the obvious (m.o.t.o) meet me by the flagpole / the things we said and the things we did m.o.t.o 4pac moc
trusty 4:30 goodbye dr. fate dischord so happy i found this.
snuff caught in session long ball to no one fat wreck chords man. snuff, this would be good without the horns.
shotwell coho rats down in front no idea C
truck stop love listen to her heart you got lucky : a tribute to tom petty backyard C
granddaddy best of all possible worlds nothing left to lose: kris kristofferson incidental C
the descendents suburban home milo goes to college new alliance
deerhunter strange lights cryptograms kranky *
cold war kids hang me up to dry robbers & cowards down town i feel like such a tool but i actually like this song. this, and that lilly allen single. fuck dude i am turning lame. or just adult. someone get me to a circle pit now. * R
built to spill stop the show yo yo a go go yo yo live C
the bigger lovers the queen of eyes 7' tall boy soft boys cover
the bartlebees sweet caroline 7" ...on four letter words oh man. this cover cracks me so hard.it so . what it is.
antiseen don;t need you blood of freaks 7' ajax
new bomb turks stick it out 7' fat wreck chords
slapshot moment of truth 7' taang
go! just say go! why suffer 7' forefront
jawbreaker sluttering may 4 dear you blackball R
gaunt good bad happy sad 7' bag of hammers
death of samantha saviour city where the women wear the glory and the men weatr the pants homestead
scrawl absolute torture small mouth rough trade
pixies gouge away doolittle 4ad R
minutemen political song for michael jackson to sing double nickles on the dime sst R
L7 american society the big one: city of L.A. power flipside C
times new viking common cold present the paisley reich siltbreeze *
... .... .... ..... hey there listeners --- i totally had a blast with you today... thanks so much for all of the great calls and feedback. really. i had so much fun today. YES. GO!