with Deirdre from Earth


Monday, March 19, 2018
18:00 to 20:00
store-bought martian repellant
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LOS MICROWAVESforeverlife after breakfastposh boy1891
DINOSAURS WITH HORNSabsinthedinosaurs with hornsthe solid eye3891
{~m~i~c~}microwaves - xylophonics (todos estaban los microwaves)...
MINIMAL MANhigh whythe shroud ofsubterranean records1891
MINDFLAYERagramnimalsit's always 1999ooo mau mau1002
OBSERVERS OBSERVING OBSERVABLESexpiration dateephardly music0891
MINNY POPSmd maniadrastic measures, drastic movementplurex records9791
PAVEL OVSYANNIKOVk zvezdam (towards the stars)ritmicheskaya gimnastika (aerobic exercises)melodija5891
VYACHESLAV MESCHERIN'S ORCHESTRAon the kolkhoz poultry farmeasy ussr vol. 1epic2002
MIRDZA ZIVEREzozefinoviena diena mana muzamelodija9791
MAGICAL POWER MAKOthis is the computer musicmagical computer musiccbs/sony5891
MIHA KRALJdigitalicelectric dreamspgp rtb5891
THE MASTER SCRATCH BANDpocketelectronic jugoton - synthetic music from yugoslavia 1964-1989croatia records4102
MITOunitunitmissing records3891
{~m~i~c~} MAGGI PAYNEgamelanahh-ahh (music for ed tannenbaum's technological feets 1984-1987)root strata2102
MCCARTHYsomething wrong somewherein purgatory 7"wall of salmon records5891
MOISTEN BEFORE USEmekka nismprimeval waltzfragment4891
THE LO YO YOi can hold my own handextra weaponsfloppy discs5891
GASPER LAWALkita kitaajomasecap records0891