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News & Culture: September 21, 2015

News Today explores diplomatic negotiations between the US and Russia about Syria’s civil war and the controversy surrounding Japan’s new national security law.

The WPRB News & Culture department is currently off-air for the summer.

We will be returning the second week of September

News and Culture: April 27, 2015

On this show, News Today brings us the story of the impending executions of foreigners convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia, and then we’ll learn about powdered alcohol. Afterwards, we report on an innovative musical group on Princeton University’s campus. To finish the hour, former Republican congressman Bob Inglis sits down with News and Culture to talk about conservatism and climate change.

News and Culture: April 20, 2015

On this show, News Today examines the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the new Chinese-led institution . We then report on a series of so-called “teach-ins” occurring across Princeton University’s campus in conjunction with a student-led divestment initiative. After, we bring you excerpts from a speech by Dr. Lawrence Steinberg on the importance of adolescent development. To close out the hour, Joan Bedinger reviews Noah B and Hayley Roth takes us to a weekend performance of some of Duke Ellington’s most famous work.

News and Culture: April 13, 2015

On this show, News Today takes a look at the changing US-Cuba relationship. Then, we bring you excerpts from two talks: one by famed political scientist Francis Fukuyama, the other by the former President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. We’ll take a new look at space and time, and, finally, we review the new Mountain Goats album.

News and Culture: March 30, 2015

News Today examines the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Afterwards, we bring you an interview with local political activist James Keady, who confirmed his intention to run for the New Jersey State assembly today. News and Culture’s Will Lathrop finishes the hour with a visit to “City Lost and Found”, the Princeton University Art Museum’s most recent exhibit.

News and Culture: March 23, 2015

News Today will analyze Ted Cruz’ announcement of his intention to run for president, and News and Culture’s Carla Javier reports on a recent movement to get a women’s face on the twenty dollar bill.

News and Culture: March 9, 2015

On this show, News Today will explore the worsening economic and political situation in Venezuela, and Will Lathrop offers a review of a brand new comedy on Netflix. Later in the hour, we bring you excerpts from a talk by renowned legal scholar Robert George, and an interview with a neuroscientist on real-time perception. Lastly, Alex Costin of the Nassau Weekly, our sister publication, tells us the amazing – and tragic – story of Fumitaka “Butch” Konoe.

News and Culture: March 2, 2015

On this show, News Today explores Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader who was shot dead on Saturday. Hayley Roth reports on a recent performance at Princeton University inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and Will Lathrop and JM Colon offer a reflection on the late poet Philip Levine.

News and Culture: February 23, 2015

Danny Waldroop takes a look at the newly released plans to retake an ISIS controlled stronghold in Iraq this spring, Joanie Bedinger takes us inside of a campaign to change Princeton University’s peculiar “bicker” system, Edric Huang brings us the story of Fresh Off the Boat, a new sitcom about an Asian-American family, and Byrd Pinkerton talks to a community-justice minded senior.

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