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News and Culture: March 23, 2015

News Today will analyze Ted Cruz’ announcement of his intention to run for president, and News and Culture’s Carla Javier reports on a recent movement to get a women’s face on the twenty dollar bill.

News and Culture: March 9, 2015

On this show, News Today will explore the worsening economic and political situation in Venezuela, and Will Lathrop offers a review of a brand new comedy on Netflix. Later in the hour, we bring you excerpts from a talk by renowned legal scholar Robert George, and an interview with a neuroscientist on real-time perception. Lastly, Alex Costin of the Nassau Weekly, our sister publication, tells us the amazing – and tragic – story of Fumitaka “Butch” Konoe.

News and Culture: March 2, 2015

On this show, News Today explores Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader who was shot dead on Saturday. Hayley Roth reports on a recent performance at Princeton University inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and Will Lathrop and JM Colon offer a reflection on the late poet Philip Levine.

News and Culture: February 23, 2015

Danny Waldroop takes a look at the newly released plans to retake an ISIS controlled stronghold in Iraq this spring, Joanie Bedinger takes us inside of a campaign to change Princeton University’s peculiar “bicker” system, Edric Huang brings us the story of Fresh Off the Boat, a new sitcom about an Asian-American family, and Byrd Pinkerton talks to a community-justice minded senior.

News and Culture: February 16, 2015

On this week’s show, News Today will cover President Obama’s proposal for the authorization of war powers in the fight against ISIS, Talking Heads, our foreign policy discussion series, will explore recent developments in Europe. We’ll close with a retrospective on the life of Malcolm X, and an interview with the Princeton student who has directed a new adaptation of the Vagina Monologues.

WPRB News And Culture: February 9, 2015

Danny Waldroop brings us the story of news anchor Brian Williams’ recent troubles, Will Lathrop reviews the series premiere of Better Call Saul, and JM Colon discusses the idea of author ownership and Harper Lee’s new book. Jamal Maddox will explore the legacy of Birth of a Nation and we also take a look at the podcast Serial’s last twist – changing events in real life!

WPRB News and Culture: February 2, 2015

Danny Waldroop takes a look at the growing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and what that means for Russia and the West, Joan Bedinger reports on the rise of the private prison industry in Georgia, Will Lathrop profiles Princeton ecologist David Wilcove, and Jamal Maddox interviews historian Sheldon Garon about postal savings.

Last Minute Urgent News – Big Star Screening Cancelled!

Unfortunately, today’s screening of Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me at the Princeton Public Library has been cancelled due to the inclement weather. Sorry for any inconvenience. However, there are still two more great films (A Band Called Death and Tropicalia) that will be shown in the coming weeks. Make sure to come out to both!

News and Culture: December 8, 2014

We have a jam-packed show for you this week, bringing you stories from across the globe. Danny Waldroop brings the news of this weekend’s failed hostage rescue attempt in Yemen, Will Lathrop looks at protest at Princeton and across the nation after jury decisions not to indict the police officers in both the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, and Christine Kong brings us the story of the new Annie Leibovitz exhibit “Pilgrimage.” Joanie Bedinger talks to the Princeton Buffer, a local film magazine about the Hunger Games and our own McKervin Ceme reviews the Hunger Games itself. Ola Oladosu talks protest poetry, and J.M. Colon brings us a perspective on socialism in America.

For more information on the poets in this show:
Jessica Edwards: Black Anathema Follow her on Tumblr
Theresa Lola: We Are Not Trees Follow her on Tumblr
John Legend: Young Poets Light Up Hollywood

For more poetry like this, visit: Poets for Ferguson

Music used in this week’s pieces include:

Protest Poetry: Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Six

News and Culture: November 24, 2015

On this week’s show, Danny Waldroop takes a look at President Obama’s executive order regarding immigration and Jamal Maddox analyzes the changes taking place at the International Olympic Committee. Will Lathrop wrestles with veganism in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and Joanie Bedinger brings us a reading from a promising creative writing student at Princeton University.

Music featured in this episode include:
Chris Zabriskie: “Is That You or Are You You”
Chris Zabriskie: “Undercover Vampire Policeman”
LJ Kruzer: “Chantiers Navals 412″

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