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Hypnotized CheeseWPRB is a community-supported, independent radio station. Though we are generously housed in Princeton University, none of the rest of our expenses are covered by Princeton. You’d be surprised by how many pairs of headphones we need around this place. Whether we’re repairing critical broadcasting equipment, sending staff members to community events in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, buying new software or replacing old computers in our offices, we depend on the support of our listeners. If you’re a casual listener or a die-hard, sports fan or news buff, parent or partner of a WPRB DJ, you can help keep your favorite programs on air by donating. All donations are tax-deductible and we provide tax documentation on request. Our yearly Membership Drive occurs in October, but we accept donations year-round.

As an institution of the Princeton and surrounding areas for the past 75 years, WPRB is committed to bringing our listeners the kind of programming that makes you stop scanning the dial, sit down, and listen. We hope you’ll take time it show your support for quality programming you can’t hear anywhere else on the radio by donating today.