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The Science of Memory: a Live Radio Event

Much of the scientific study of memory has focused on two vital human test subjects: Henry Molaison (HM) and Lonnie Sue Johnson. HM had his memory stolen from him due to an experimental surgery in the 1950s and Princeton local, Lonni Sue, can no longer form new recollections due to an encephalitis infection that laid waste to her hippocampus. Lonnie Sue and HM have been permanently stuck in the present, but through their loss, the science of how we process, recall, and store memories has flourished.
In this on-stage version of These Vibes Are Too Cosmic, hosts Stevie Bergman and Brian Kraus interview Princeton University professors Sabine Kastner (neuroscience) and Michael Lemonick (opinion editor at Scientific American). Professor Lemonick’s recently released book,The Perpetual Now: A Story of Amnesia, Memory, and Love, delves in to the rich life of Lonnie Sue Johnson and Professor Kastner’s scientific expertise — memory.
Musical accompaniment, and half the fun, will be provided by the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk). For the event they’ve composed a special symphony of neurons that will punctuate the conversation. Expect harmonies rife with PLOrk’s unique sense of discord, drama, and entertainment.
Join us on Friday, February 24th, 2017 at 7:30pm at the beautiful Taplin Auditorium in Fine Hall, right on Princeton University campus. Refreshments, science, and music will all be provided.

A, A flat, G, G flat…

by Tobias

There are many ways to organize a classical music show, and I have discovered a new one. Starting with my five-hour show this Tuesday(1/17/176 to 11 a.m.), I intend to play pieces of music in all twenty-four keys, in a fixed order.

Many classical announcers like to focus on composers’ birthdays. This is an artifice, but it’s a good one, because it guarantees variety in the DJ’s programs while bringing some historical background to our musical enjoyment.

My own artifice will mostly be a challenge for me. I wish to provide my usual kinds of programs, full of excellent music and great contrast, but I shall try to do that while adhering to a key sequence. We shall start with music in A major, and then descend from there to A flat, G, G flat (or F sharp) and so on.

I shall have to do a full octave twice, in order to cover both the major and minor of every key. This effort will take a few weeks, because I shall not rely on three-minute pieces for most of the keys.

A good place to start would be Mozart’s scintillating piano concerto in A major, K. 488. Then Beethoven’s next-to-last piano sonata, Op. 110 in A flat major. Then perhaps, Kalinnikov’s marvelous first symphony, a work that successfully straddles the divide between Classical and Romantic music, in G minor. And then one of the best Bach fugues (along with its prelude) in F# major, from the Well-Tempered Clavichord Book I, BWV 858. And so on.

I hope you can join me, on Tuesdays at 6 am. As I choose this music, I shall post it in my playlists. You can keep track of what I’m doing at .

Our Favorite Releases of 2016

2016 Former Music Director Aida

  1. No Zu, Afterlife, Chapter
  2. Kiki Hitomi, Karmo no Kusari, Jhatari
  3. Omar-S, The Best!, FXHE
  4. Matmos, Ultimate Care II, Thrill Jockey
  5. Higher Authorities, Neptune, Domino
  6. Essaie Pas, Le Demain Est Une Autre Nuit, DFA
  7. Rising Sun, The Lamentations Of Rising Sun, Fauxpas Musik
  8. Trim, 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim, 1-800 Dinosaur
  9. Skepta, Konnichiwa, Boy Better Know
  10. Alma Negra, Tabanka, Sofrito Super Singles
  11. Waffles, Waffles 004, Waffles
  12. Golden Teacher, Raveinstigator, Sounds of the Universe
  13. Shelter & The Abstract Truth Orchestra , Tailsman, Mellah
  14. (REISSUE) Finis Africae, Amazonia, Em
  15. (REISSUE) Some Bizarre, Don’t Be Afraid, Dark Entries


  1. Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat
  2. Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat
  3. Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat
  4. Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat
  5. Azealia Banks, The Big Big Beat

2017 Music Director Sam

Image result for Arca - Entrañas

  1. guerilla toss – eraser stargazer
  2. essaie pas – la demain est une autre nuit
  3. florist – the birds outside sang
  4. a tribe called quest – We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service
  5. Marie Davidson – Adieux Au Dancefloor
  6. Lord Narf – Witchcraft
  7. Show Me the Body – Body War
  8. Noname – Telefone
  10. Pinegrove – Cardinal
  11. Arca – Entrañas
  12. Gaika – Spaghetto EP
  13. Steve Reich | Third Coast Percussion
  14. Solange – A Seat At The Table
  15. Sporting Life – Slam Dunk
  16. Mal Devisa – Kiid
  17. carla dal forno – you know what its like
  18. mykki blanco – mykki
  19. Various Artists – Sky Girl
  20. frankie cosmos – next thing

2015-2016 Former Program Director Harrison

Image result for Sumac - What One Becomes

  1. Sumac – What One Becomes
  2. Pinegrove – Cardinal
  3. G Herbo – Strictly For My Fans
  4. Touche Amore – Stage Four
  5. Lost Boys – S/T EP
  6. Oshwa – I We You Me
  7. Mauno – Rough Master
  8. Zomba Prison Project – I will not stop singing
  9. Fond Han – Sham Cloud
  10. Severed Heads – Clifford Darling, Please Don’t Live In The Past

Marvin Rosen’s 12th Annual Viva 21st Century 24-Plus Marathon

Marvin Rosen of Classical Discoveries will present his 12th* Day Long Marathon and the 11th totally devoted to music composed in the 21st century.
*This is the fourth year the Marathon will run for 25 hours.

Viva 21st Century 24-Plus Marathon starts on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 – 1:00pm and ends on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 2:00pm EST.
The annual Viva 21st Century is a live radio program curated and hosted by Marvin Rosen (host of Classical Discoveries on WPRB since 1997) and focuses on music composed in the 21st century.

Viva 21st Century began in 2003 as a regular program that in 2007 became a 24-25 hour marathon.
For more information go to:
You can RSVP for this event on Facebook:
Please check the Classical Discoveries website a few days before the event for more details.


Jon Solomon’s 25-Hour Holiday Radio Show!

Mark those calendars, set those clocks: Jon Solomon’s 28th edition of the Holiday Radio Show is coming soon! A 25-hour program for the fourth straight year, only on 103.3 fm WPRB!

This year’s weekend-spanning marathon begins on Saturday, December 24 at 5:00 PM ET and ends Sunday, December 25 at 6:00 PM ET.

An influx of never-before-played pieces and original stories/songs recorded specifically for the program are in store come Christmas Eve 2016, plus all your past favorites.

You can RSVP for this show on Facebook.

Read a terrific piece about the marathon on MercerSpace.

Jon wants you to know that if you would like to make some requests, by all means get in touch.

WPRB Membership Drive Starts This Thursday, 10/13

Dear Gentle Listeners,

This year’s membership drive starts on Thursday, October 13th, 7pm and ends on Thursday, October 20th, 10pm.

Around this time last year, we were preparing to celebrate 75 years of WPRB, one of New Jersey’s most precious cultural phenomena, with our most ambitious membership drive to date. The response to our celebration was incredible and heartwarming. We are so grateful to have struck a chord in our community and to be the recipient of such generosity from donors. In every sense of the phrase, we could not have done it without you.

The drive’s success has allowed us to work more effectively to create the kind of broadcasting that our community needs and deserves. We have updated necessary equipment, including our emergency alert system, our CD playing equipment, and our computer in the on-air studio. We’re moving towards broadcasting our unique content on a professional platform.

We’re capturing this momentum and propelling forward, taking WPRB’s sense of history into the modern age. This year, we hope to fulfill a long-term goal of remote broadcasting capabilities. Purchasing the equipment necessary to broadcast outside of our main studio would open up a new world of sounds to put on your dial, including live concerts and interviews.

So once again, we need your help to celebrate another year of WPRB.

Our annual fall membership drive will take place from Thursday, October 13th, 7pm – Thursday, October 20th, 2016, 10 pm. We hope that you’ll tune in during that time for our favorite on-air party of the year. We’ll bring the entertainment, while you give us a ring on the phone or visit our donation page. As always, we’ll say thank you with great swag and awesome giveaways. Stay tuned to our social media for behind-the-scenes action!

Love and radio,

Zena Kesselman ‘17
WPRB 103.3FM

Station Manager

Wed 9/21, 8PM: Thalia Zedek live on Jon Solomon’s show

One of music’s great, distinctive voices shall be heard on WPRB this Wednesday night at 8:00 pm ET when the remarkable Thalia Zedek joins Jon Solomon on his program for a live session.

Last month Thrill Jockey released “Eve,” Zedek’s sixth solo album after a career fronting iconic independent acts like Dangerous Birds, Uzi, Live Skull and Come the past three decades. It is a gorgeous, gritty and deeply personal record which Bandcamp called “thrilling” and The Quietus described as “[a]n almost unbearably poignant, diamond-hard bolt of blue beauty, red-white pupils, brown-black irises.”

Prior to Wednesday’s broadcast, listen to “Eve” in full below.

Joe from Don Giovanni talks New Alternative Music Festival on WPRB!

This weekend Don Giovanni Records presents the New Alternative Music Festival at Convention Hall in Asbury Park.

On Friday, September 16 and Saturday the 17th, 40+ truly independent bands from all over North America – groups such as Screaming Females, Ought, Radiator Hospital, California X, Fake Limbs, Downtown Boys and Rye Coalition – will unite for a one-time only all-ages event that is not beholden to any major labels or corporate interests.

Don Giovanni founder, proud New Jerseyan and former WPRB DJ Joe Steinhart will be calling in to Jon Solomon’s show on Wednesday, September 14th at 8:00 pm ET to talk about this incredible undertaking and to play music from a cross-section of acts that will be performing. They’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to each day’s show too!

For the full New Alternative Music Festival line-up and to purchase tickets, head here.

Summer Emo’s Queered Cartographies

by Max Grear


The Hotelier’s Goodness and Pinegrove’s Cardinal hit Bandcamp a couple weeks apart at the beginning of the summer, and both of these loosely emo releases have become soundtracks to the warm and woozy months since. Both bands have mastered the formula of melodic guitars and wordy, sentimental lyrics (complete with emotionally direct confessions and geographic signifiers) that has propelled the emo genre for decades, but the Hotelier’s and Pinegrove’s latest share a few more unique characteristics.
Read more

8-27-2016 ater midnight – Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Live on Music With Space

Friday, 8/26/2016, after midnight (technically this is Saturday morning) Bernhard Wöstheinrich (aka the Redundant Rocker) will be performing on the WPRB program Music With Space.

“The alter ego The Redundant Rocker was created around 2002, and it finally established itself with the release of “Collider“. Since then, the moniker somehow co-existed with and influenced Bernhard’s other diverse projects; the realm of The Redundant Rocker and all the rest (which actually don’t have dedicated names) just mutually enhanced each other, there is no cusp between his projects, and you may find Redundant Rocker music under the names “Bernhard” and “Bernhard Wöstheinrich” as well, and the other way around.

The name The Redundant Rocker ironically alludes to a certain kind of replace-ability in modern art and music: with today’s technology, anyone could easily be replaced with a drum (or coffee) machine.

The person behind The Redundant Rocker, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, is a composer, painter, graphic designer, performer, small town bohemian, failed control freak, and, finally, even a record label owner in Germany. His projects and albums have been released on a variety of labels and span different fields of electronic and ambient music.

Bernhard started in about 1987 to intensely experiment with his own sounds and tunes after he found out that drawing and painting simply weren’t enough to adequately express himself. He went about to find something that might had a more “performing” approach. Inspired by the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten and other informal and experimental music, he finally began to work in a very personal way to compose and record some early tapes. The rest, as they say, is history.”

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