Guest DJ Alert!!


Redd Kross and members of Melvins are coming to chat with DJ Esoterica (including a special live segment from the PRB stacks with Don’t Back the Front’s Dana K and the bands) Sat., Oct. 12 from 1-2 p.m. Eastern. Tune in to WPRB 103.3 or stream at

Join us as Esoterica tries on her James Lipton hat and chats with the bands, maybe even asking the epic question, “Is it Angel or The Damned Jeff and Steven McDonald chose (well, really Steve) to see when they could only pick one show (pressure!), why Redd Kross loves the Blake Edward’s film, The Party, and why The Treasure of the Sierra Madre figures prominently in Buzz’s consciousness. Film meets Rock meets vinyl spinning deliciousness.

Both bands are legendary: Melvins’ inception was in 1983, with the band taking their name from a guy who Buzz worked with at a Montesano, WA Thriftway. (the) Melvins’ last album from 2018, Pinkus Abortion Technician, has a hilarity and characteristic musical precision highlighted in songs like “Stop Moving to Florida” (a twisted fusion of the James Gang 1969 song, “Stop” and the Butthole Surfers’ “Moving to Florida”, from the Buttholes’ 1985 Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis EP), which includes the crazy line “I’m gonna potty train the chairman Mao”. On that album, both Jeff Pinkus and Steven McDonald on bass.

The McDonald brothers grew up in Hawthorne, CA (same town the Beach Boys hailed from), where they got their start at ages 14 and 11, getting their first gig at a classmate’s 13th birthday party. They also reached out to Black Flag through the Hermosa Beach address on the back of their Nervous Breakdown ep and got to play for them at an old church where Greg Ginn would start the SST label. The older punk dudes admired these young upstarts and their fuel-injected long-haired punk rock. 40 years and counting, Redd Kross just came out Beyond the Door, a pop-inflected power groove ending with a spirited cover of Sparks’ “When do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’”.

Melvins and Redd Kross are currently on tour together, with Steven and Dale Crover doing double duty for each band, on bass and drums, respectively. Esoterica and the bands are sure to discuss the tour and much more. Get your tix for their Stone Pony (Oct. 11) and Underground Arts shows (Oct. 12) which are guaranteed to sell out. They are playing both shows with Toshi Kasai opening.

Make sure to tune in Saturday! 1-2 p.m. Eastern WPRB 103.3 fm

@melvinsdotcom #reddkross #toshikasai #melvins #wprb

Dave Dreiwitz Interview Today!

This is HUGE!
Dave Dreiwitz, bassist for Ween, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Moistboyz, Instant Death, Old Rugged Sauce and Crescent Moon (with Chris “Tomato” Harfenist of The Sound of Urchin), to name a few collaborations, will be visiting Esoterica and The Sonic Bloom at 2 p.m. Today. Tune in to 103.3 fm or stream at

Dreiwitz has been dubbed the “nicest guy in rock and roll” but his bass playing and musicianship is nothing but nasty (and we mean that in a good way!). Dave and Tomato are playing John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA this coming Tuesday, May 21, so it seemed like the right time for Dave to visit WPRB.

Station Manager Letter to our listeners!

Fighting for independent radio, one drive at a time…

For 79 years, WPRB has been an independent music hero. We have fought many battles to keep independent radio alive and thriving. But we have not done this alone. Every year, we are aided by listeners everywhere who love and value what WPRB offers the world. Donations from listeners like you are the lifeblood of WPRB, for they enable us to bring you creative, unique, independent programming year-round. Last year we introduced the sustaining monthly pledge option for listeners who want to support WPRB in a consistent and dedicated way. Our monthly sustaining donors provide us the stability we need to plan for the future, and they are truly the backbone of WPRB.

This year will mark our second year with a 10-day membership drive, this time spanning April 22nd to May 1st. This means more time for special programming, more time to celebrate WPRB, and more time to donate! Our DJs will be putting together some of their craziest, most exciting programming of the year to knock your socks off and remind you what WPRB offers that you truly cannot find anywhere else. As a thank you for your donations, we have unique premiums featuring art designed by some of our dedicated listeners that can be yours before you know it. This year we have limited edition, never-before seen, T-shirts, caps, sweaters, pins, stickers and other items available only to our most dedicated listeners.

Not a day goes by where we are not tremendously thankful to our donors for inspiring and supporting us every year. Our ranks of sustaining donors, in particular, give us the financial confidence to take risks and plan big projects to bring more to our listeners than ever before. Fans of WPRB know that we provide something special that can’t be found in other media, and we appreciate the support and encouragement they give us every year.

You can sign up for a monthly recurring donantion or one-time pledge by visiting Or just call one of our volunteers at 609-258-1033. Regardless of your contribution, thank you for reading this, and thank you for listening.

All the best,

Michael Hill-Oliva
Station Manager, WPRB 103.3 FM

Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie on The Sonic Bloom this Tuesday!

Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie came in to the WPRB studio, joining DJ Esoterica on a crisp December Saturday, bringing his guitar and singing some songs off of LCC’s 2018 album, “Dirty Pictures, Pt. 2”. Esoterica and Adam spoke about his upbringing in south Jersey, his time in New York as a performance artist and acting student, and that pivotal moment at age 18 when he bought a scalped ticket to a Tom Waits show. Esoterica asked him about his beloved upright piano, Shondra, who is currently in the shop, and the good fortune LCC has been enjoying in recent years. Tune in to Esoterica’s show, The Sonic Bloom, or simply stream @wprb, Tuesday 12/11 at 2 p.m. EST!

Jon Solomon’s Holiday Radio Show. 30 years, 30 hours!

Jon Solomon’s 30th-annual edition of the Holiday Radio Show!

A special 30 hour marathon (!!!), celebrating three decades of Christmas broadcasts on 103.3 fm WPRB.

This year’s epic journey begins on Monday, December 24 at 3:00 PM ET and runs all the way until Tuesday, December 25 at 9:00 PM ET.

A cavalcade of never-before-played pieces and original stories/songs recorded specifically for the program are in store come Christmas Eve 2018, not to mention all your past favorites.

The All-Ramones-inspired set at 12:34 am ET sharp! The all-Misfits-inspired set at 1:38 pm ET! The All-Fall and All-Joel RL Phelps Xmas sets down the stretch! Snaildartha: The Story of Jerry The Christmas Snail! Lindstrom’s 40:00+ Little Drummer Boy! The Sonics, The Wailers, and The Galaxies plus other traditions within the tradition.

If you would like to make requests or send submissions, by all means get in touch.

You can follow Jon on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

Advance notice for each story should occur in two of those social locations and on the invite for the marathon.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #wprbxmas!

The webcam and Live Listener Chat are embedded below. Click to open in a new window.

WPRB Fall Silent Drive!

Independent radio is on the rise.

I know – hard to believe, right? New technologies and media outlets are popping up all around us every day, and yet, the communities that support independent radio around the country have only grown stronger. In an era of constant change and uncertainty, you (and the community around you) have refused to give up on the magic that emanates from local independent airwaves, and because of that, WPRB has never been in better shape to continue growing and engaging with its listeners.

In the spring, we took a huge leap forward in our fundraising capabilities by introducing monthly sustaining pledge options. Now that we’ve established a budding assemblage of consistent support, new doors have begun to open up for us. We’ve done away with outdated technology (the kind that you’d find in your grandpa’s attic) in favor of digitized and reliable new systems for on-air announcements and media, minimizing the technical malfunctions and complications that have hindered our broadcasts in the past. We’ve also opened up room in the budget for more live shows, like the one we hosted earlier this month with big names like James Chance along with the local presence of Thin Lips, Sea Slug, and Human Adult Band. On top of all of this, our staff has grown steadily for the past few years, and we have a nearly unprecedented flock of new voices on the air this season. With your help, we’ve extended our dedication to local communities beyond just our airwaves and solidified the bridge between our dark, dusty basement and your very own backyard.

As always, celebration of positive progress here at WPRB is short-lived and followed closely by ambition for whatever’s next. Your support continues to fuel our hard work to keep the station running and growing, and the most daunting task on the table right now is the digitization of our physical music library. WPRB is home to tens of thousands of vinyl records and CD’s, collected over the course of half a century, each with a handwritten review on its cover from one of the many DJ’s you’ve known and loved over the years. The library (or “the stacks”, as we call it) is the backbone of our erratic programming and curatorial wizardry, and it’s slowly but surely reaching its physical limitations, both in space and in longevity. Converting all of this media to a single digital repository requires heavy-duty technological resources and in-depth strategic research, not to mention hundreds of hours of elbow grease. A project as monumental as this one requires support from each of WPRB’s most dedicated listeners, which is why we’re asking for your support again this fall to supplement our steady (and growing) monthly patronage. If you haven’t joined our family of monthly donors, now is the time! If you have, your additional one-time pledge or increased monthly patronage for this drive will help to push this crucial project forward even further.

Our Fall 2018 Silent Membership Drive will be
Monday, October 15th through Sunday, November 11th.

You can make your tax-deductible pledge between the above dates by visiting In return, our thank-you gifts this fall once again feature designs created by your fellow listeners and local artists, a reminder that every member of the WPRB family is an essential one.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a station and as a community, more important to us than any dollar amount is your continued listenership to WPRB. More broadly, we hope you’ll continue to keep an open mind and an open ear to independent media, and keep seeking out the unheard.

Thanks for listening,
Bobby Lussier
Station Manager, WPRB 103.3 FM